January 19, 2019

Sarah nominated for Classical:NEXT Innovation Award 2019

Sarah has been nominated to the Longlist for Classical:NEXT’s Innovation Award 2019! Nominated by an international committee of music professionals tasked with honoring innovative women in classical music, Sarah was recognized both for her innovations to classical recording in her albums Unremembered and Penelope as well as her work as Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director of New Amsterdam Records. She joins a list of esteemed women and female-centered organizations in classical music the world over.

The committee writes:

“Sarah Kirkland Snider is a brilliant composer whose work reflects the highest values of both traditional and forward-thinking composition. She utilizes the full breadth of tools at her disposal, including classical instruments, exemplary independent rock musicians, and the recording and production studio, to fulfill her specific musical needs. Her two orchestral song cycle records, ‘Unremembered’ and ‘Penelope,’ whose ambitious and intricately detailed production she directed, are unprecedented in their synthesis of classical and popular recording, mixing, and post-production techniques, and truly bring classical recorded music into the 21st century. Her music has been widely acclaimed in both the classical and popular media, receiving major reviews and performances across the spectrum. Her role at New Amsterdam has allowed her to support the musical visions of many other artists who are in line with her musical worldview, yet come from their own perspectives. She is a true visionary and a model for the “citizen-composer” that we all strive to be.”