February 5, 2020

Latitude 49’s Wax and Wire Releases, ft. 'Thread and Fray' and 'You are Free'

From the album press release: Cross-continental new music powerhouse Latitude 49 returns with flair and passion on their sophomore release Wax and Wire. This dynamic collection takes the listener on a genre-bending journey, careening wildly from the visceral to the sublime, with works by Viet Cuong, Chris Sies, Gabriella Smith, Annika Socolofsky, and Sarah Kirkland Snider…Two works by Snider provide the record’s most intimate moments, with the swirling trio Thread and Fray unfurling tightly-knit textures while the cleansing, haunting, but ultimately hopeful You Are Free closes out the record in a state of utter contemplation.