January 24, 2022

Nonesuch Records Premieres 'Agnus Dei' Video from 'Mass for the Endangered'

Composer Sarah Kirkland Snider has released a video for 'Agnus Dei' from her album Mass for the Endangered, released to critical acclaim on New Amsterdam and Nonesuch Records in September 2020. The video by CandyStations, aka DeborahJohnson, is the sixth and final video in the series for the album from the visual artist, following 'Gloria,' 'Credo,' 'Alleluia,' 'Kyrie,' and 'Sanctus/Benedictus.'

"'Agnus Dei' is a culmination of all the visuals thus far, a ‘Cathedral of the Cosmos,’ honoring and receiving the animal and plant species that no longer find life on Earth sustainable," says Johnson. "The larger theme is that of a tree—a kind of Yggdrasil—an eternal green ash tree inNorse mythology. It stands in the middle of the world, rooted in the earth but reaching to the heavens, the physical/natural embodiment of both realms. In each of these realms, a benevolent lamb is present—starting with a primordial coral core, ascending through roots, totems, trees, skies, and heaven."