December 19, 2019

'Penelope' Named to NPR and Capital Radio’s Best of Decade Lists

Penelope was named to NPR’s Best of 2010s playlist, and also to Capital Radio’s Best Music of the Decade.

Capital Radio writes: “Sarah Kirkland Snider has been deemed “one of the decade’s more gifted, up-and-coming modern classical composers” by Pitchfork, so her work is a fitting decade-closer. “Penelope” is a heart-breakingly relevant composition. A husband returns home to his wife after suffering brain damage imposed by war. Together they wait for him to find himself again, and the only way she can help unlock his mind and trauma is through reading him Homer’s “Odyssey.” “Nausicaa” is a beautiful moment of calm in the middle of a terrible bittersweet journey, and sends us into the new decade poignantly admonishing, “Don’t be afraid, stranger.””

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