June 22, 2022

Rave Reviews for 'Mass for the Endangered' at Green-Wood Cemetery

Sarah's 'Mass for the Endangered' enjoyed six brilliant performances by Gallicantus and Decoda, led by Gabriel Crouch, at Brooklyn's historic Green-Wood Cemetery catacombs, and the press had this to say: 

David Patrick Stearns of Arts Journal writes, "Snider’s Mass for the Endangered warrants all of the success that it has had…It’s frankly beautiful. Snider consistently delivers music you want to hear…the music has a keen sense of collage – with thoughtfully chosen musical objects co-existing in the same sound canvass…Particularly magical and virtuosic is the convergence of disparate elements in the Agnus Dei…” (July 11, 2022)

Jon Sobel of Blogcritics.com writes: "A spectacular piece…'Mass for the Endangered' both celebrates the natural world and laments its continuing destruction by humankind. But hopelessness is belied by the fecund creativity of this music…Nathaniel Bellows’s poems [form] the compelling libretto, and on the arched ceiling and walls, projections by Deborah Johnson brilliant merged abstraction with figures from nature, forming the third panel of this astonishingly inventive triptych.” (July 17, 2022)

Richard Sasanow of Broadway World writes: "“A deeply poignant piece…['Mass for the Endangered' is] both very human and heart-felt, with a score giving a sense of hope, and a visual component, by Deborah Johnson/CandyStations, that swirled around the ceiling and walls of the catacombs, engulfing the audience… It glowed and glowered, throbbed and thumped, using a multitude of styles, with motifs going in and out of the kaleidoscopic performance. It formed a wall of music (voices augmented by the instruments) that got under our skin, thanks to the superb work of the vocalists of Gallicantus and instrumentalists of the Decoda chamber ensemble…” (June 20, 2022)