March 30, 2019

Red Bull Radio Peak Time Interview

Red Bull Radio Peak Time recently spoke with Sarah about classical misfits, the genesis of New Amsterdam Records, and her music. They write:

“New Jersey-based composer Sarah Kirkland Snider is at the forefront of an ongoing movement that aims to position classical compositions in modern settings by breaking down the genre’s typically understood norms. Snider’s trailblazing use of manipulated vocals, layered over dense patches of ambient electronics set in traditional structures, has earned her wide praise and accolades. Her work in modern classical goes beyond just her own output — New Amsterdam Records, a label she founded in 2008 with Judd Greenstein and William Britelle, supports music coming from classically trained musicians who are influenced by pop, jazz, hip-hop and beyond. The label’s mantra is to “support the projects and careers of groundbreaking post-genre composers and performers.” Today on the show we hear a conversation between Peak Time correspondent Harley Brown and Snider — they discuss the label’s genesis, where Snider sees modern classical going and why the misfits are worth listening to.”

You can listen to the interview here.