September 25, 2020

The San Francisco Classical Voice Reviews 'Mass for the Endangered'

"A lustrous wonder," Steven Winn writes in The San Francisco Classical Voice. "By turns diaphanous and urgent, exultant and wary, the music both immerses us in this perilous era and stirs us to examine our collective conscience…The composer is very good throughout at combining solid musical architecture with splendid atmospherics… Snider writes gorgeously for the fine singers of Gallicantus. Some of her long, sweetly harmonized phrases harken back to earlier sacred works. Bach, Byrd, and Britten can be detected in the work’s musical DNA. But there’s nothing derivative or borrowed. Harmonies pile up in chromatic clusters, then break free in vaulting solos and murmurous choral meditations… Snider and Bellows’s collaboration is a meeting of questing, unsettled minds.”