“Ouroboros” is the circular symbol of a serpent eating its own tail; its meaning

suggests beginnings and endings, seamlessly joined. For this libretto, I wanted

to explore these abstract notions on a human scale, through the lens of the loss

of a loved one, and to consider the question: What shape does grief take when

framed within a ring of constant rebirth?

Does this mean  

there is no end?  

A life will fold  

as time extends  

I stand above    

the world you’re in        

a loss a life        

regained again

— from Ouroboros, by Nathaniel Bellows

January 16, 2016

Art and Culture Today

"[Ouroboros, from Epiphany: A Cycle of Life] reflects upon luminosity, music, time, space, life and death, with members of the audience becoming a part of the work and, in the process, connecting with themselves and with the present — the elusive moment of the here and now…Marked by a clear sense of ease and cohesion…energizing yet also soothing and meditative, poetic.

Nélida Nassar